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EPLO Brown Bag Lunch events are 1 – 1.5 hour-long, informal round-table discussions on a wide range of geographic and thematic topics with relevance for the EU and its support for peacebuilding and conflict prevention. Participation is free and (usually) open to all but registration is mandatory.

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Title Counter-terror and the logic of violence in Somalia’s civil war
Date Tuesday 4 December 2018
Time 13:30-14:30
Venue European Peacebuilding Liaison Office, Avenue de Tervueren/Tervurenlaan 12, 1040 Brussels (Map)


‘Counter Terror and the logic of violence in Somalia’s civil war: Time for a new approach’ is a new publication written by Joanne Crouch from Saferworld’s Somalia team. The paper explores the effectiveness of the counter-terror approach in tackling conflict with al-Shabaab looking at it through two key lenses. The first is an overview of impact to date. The second explores how al-Shabaab’s violence aligns with a logic of striving to hold territory, control populations, generate revenue to sustain their war effort and combat their opposition.

The paper considers the extent to which the counter-terror approach exacerbates al-Shabaab’s use of violence through the existential threat levelled against them, while citizens remain caught up as victims between contesting sides. Recognising that the force deployed induces a harsh blowback on civilians while gaining limited progress towards a viable end conclusion, the paper questions whether a new approach is required in which peace rather than simply the defeat of al-Shabaab is central.

Joanne Crouch is Saferworld’s peacebuilding and conflict transformation research team leader. She will present findings and articulate possible alternative approaches which both diminish violence towards civilians whilst contributing to sustainable peace.

The presentation will be followed by an informal discussion with participants.

Participants are welcome to bring their own lunch and EPLO will provide tea and coffee.

Registration Please contact Lorenzo Conti if you would like to participate.

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