CSDN II Outputs (2014-2016)

Discussion Papers

Discussion papers are intended to contribute to the overall CSDN by stimulating discussion and reflection on pertinent peacebuilding issues. It is envisaged that they will inform future CSDN events.

1. Peacebuilding in Ukraine: What Role for the EU? – Natalia Mirimanova

2. The EU and peacebuilding in the Democratic Republic of Congo – Laura Davis

3. Assessing EU response to conflict: military action, diplomatic capacity and normative power – Catherine Woollard & Bruno Coppieters

Meeting Reports

Meeting reports are prepared for all CSDN meetings with the exception of Early Response Meetings and Training Seminars. They are intended to capture the main points of the discussion and the recommendations provided.

Policy Meetings

Geographic Meetings

In-country Dialogue Meetings

Funding Instruments Meetings

Member State Meetings

The EU in International Peacebuilding Meetings

Key Recommendations

Background Papers

Background papers are prepared in advance of certain CSDN meetings.

Policy Meetings

Geographic Meetings

Member State Meetings

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