Gender, Peace and Security

EPLO works to strengthen the implementation of a gender-sensitive approach* in EU policy and practice to enable the EU to be more inclusive and effective in promoting peace. To this end it:

  • Acts as a conduit for gender expertise, gender-sensitive analysis and advice on gender, peace and security into all the EU institutions;
  • Channels and supports the contributions of women from conflict-affected countries into EU peace and security policies;
  • Promotes greater support of member states to the implementation of the EU gender, peace and security agenda.

In addition, EPLO also works to bring a gender perspective consistently into all its work.

*Integrating a “gender approach” requires acknowledging and acting on the following considerations when developing and implementing peace and security policies: 1) women and men, boys and girls understand and experience security and conflict differently; 2) conflict has a transformative (positive and negative) potential on traditionally-defined gender roles; 3) there is an imbalance between women’s and men’s representation and contributions to peacebuilding in formal, institutional processes and in decision-making positions in peace and security; 4) the links between gender-based violence in conflict and social models (including traditional models of masculinity and femininity) are insufficiently explored.

For more information about EPLO’s gender, peace and security work, please contact Laura Davis or Margot Jones.

Recent Activities

More Activities

  • On 10 and 11 March 2016, EPLO organised a Training Seminar on Gender, Peace and Security Advocacy towards the EU in the framework of the Civil Society Dialogue Network (CSDN) project.
  • On 7 March 2016, EPLO co-organised a workshop on the development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of National Action Plans on UNSCR 1325 in the framework of the Dutch presidency of the EU. The workshop, entitled ‘National Action Plans: Challenges and Opportunities’, was organised in co-operation with the Dutch Presidency of the EU, the EEAS, Wo=Men and Inclusive Security. You can find the summary report here.
  • On 3 November 2015, EPLO organised a Brown Bag Lunch event entitled ‘The EU enlargement process: views from women’s organisations in the Western Balkans‘.
  • On 5 November 2015, EPLO organised a Brown Bag lunch event entitled ‘Gender and the Role of Special Representatives: A conversation with Marriët Schuurman, Special Representative, Women, Peace and Security, Office of the Secretary General – NATO’.
  • On 2 June 2015, EPLO organised a Brown Bag lunch event entitled ‘Peacebuilding in Syria: The Role of Women’.
  • On 22 January 2015, EPLO, together with the EU Informal Task Force on UNSCR 1325, organised a CSDN Policy Meeting entitled ‘Masculinity and Violence: How Do Gender Identities Relate to Violent Conflict?‘. Click here to download the final agenda and here to download the report of the meeting.
  • On 21 January 2015, EPLO, together with the EU Informal Task Force on UNSCR 1325, organised a CSDN Policy Meeting entitled ‘Refreshing Indicators for the EU’s Women, Peace and Security Policy. Click here to download the final agenda, and here to download the meeting report.

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