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EPLO Brown Bag Lunch events are 1 - 1.5 hour-long, informal round-table discussions on a wide range of geographic and thematic topics with relevance for the EU and its support for peacebuilding and conflict prevention. More


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“We are all citizens” – an Iraqi civil society contribution on the protection of minorities

Monday 13 October 2014




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Academic Friends of EPLO is an informal network of academics working on peacebuilding and conflict issues, and/or the role of the EU in peacebuilding worldwide. The purpose of the network is to connect practitioners and advocates seeking to influence the EU to make it more effective at peacebuilding with academics carrying out research on the EU and conflict. More



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Civil Society Events


This page includes information about events which are being organised by EPLO's member organisations and other civil society organisations or events which are open to civil society participation.



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Upcoming events organised by EPLO Member Organisations




Title Participation for Local Development: Practical Reflections on Facilitating Inclusive Decision-Making
Type Conference
Organisers Partners for Democratic Change International
Date Wednesday 5 November 2014
Time 13.30-18.00
Venue Liaison Agency Flanders-Europe, Avenue de Cortenbergh/Kortenberglaan 71, 1000 Brussels
Short Description

As we embark on the European Year for Development 2015, it is widely acknowledged that participation is a key component of boosting the sustainable and effective development of communities. We know that we achieve greater impact and more lasting solutions when all sectors - political, social, economic and cultural -are included in decision making. Multi-stakeholder approaches to local development are now the norm, welcomed and supported by civil society organizations, local authorities and the donor community. However, these approaches require sophisticated process expertise to facilitate many different perspectives and to negotiate the sometimes competing interests that will always arise locally. We are therefore called upon to conscientiously create an inclusive and safe space to work together in a context of shared responsibility and transparency, to jointly find local solutions to local problems.


Partners for Democratic Change International (PDCI) invites you to participate in this interactive conference where we will share very practical experiences from around the world in applying multi-stakeholder approaches for development. PDCI is a partnership of 19 local organizations, experts in facilitation and change management with over 25 years’ experience leading inclusive decision-making processes. We are pleased to welcome to Brussels the senior leadership of PDCI’s local members who will join other European experts in sharing concrete lessons from their own countries.

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Title Road to peace or dead-end? Sudan's national dialogue and the 2015 elections
Type Round-table discussion
Organisers Saferworld and Sudan Democracy First Group
Date Friday 29 November 2014
Time 14.00-16.00
Venue Mundo B, Rue d'Edimbourg/Edinburgstraat 26, 1050 Brussels
Short Description

With the convening of a National Dialogue by President al-Bashir, Sudan is entering a critical if uncertain period which presents an opportunity to build a peaceful and stable future. Taking the opportunity of a visit by leading Sudanese civil society actors to Brussels, we would like to invite you to a roundtable to discuss recent developments around the National Dialogue and the comprehensive approach to negotiations, as well as the 2015 elections and the conditions needed if these processes are to lead to sustainable peace in Sudan.


The speakers will be Dr Suliman Baldo, Executive Director of Sudan Democracy First Group, and Ms Rosalind Marsden, former EU Special Representative to Sudan and South Sudan. They will be accompanied by civil society representatives from Darfur and South Kordofan.

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Upcoming events organised by other organisations



Title Third Annual Conference of the Dialogues on Historical Justice and Memory Network: Human Rights and Memory
Type Conference

Alliance for Historical Dialogue and Accountability

Date 4-6 December 2014
Venue Lund, Sweden
Short Description

Human rights have become a globally accessible moral and legal language for expressing universal claims and measuring development; it forms the goal of activism and the ground of resistance. It is also an indispensible part of international political rhetoric and is sometimes used as virtually synonymous with concerns of justice. But how does the human rights perspective relate to collective experiences and memories of injustice, violence, or exclusion? In the field of memory studies many scholars tend to see transculturality and cosmopolitanism in normative terms and memories of past atrocities as promoting a discourse on human rights around the world, but we cannot take that on faith. For example, the common assumption that the memory of the Holocaust served as the impetus for the international human rights doctrine has lately been forcefully challenged. What is the relation between collective memory and experience and human rights? Cultural and transcultural memories can lead to the transcendence of boundaries and an inclusive solidarity, or to contestation and competitive claims. When and why do they aggravate conflicts and when and why do they open up for inclusive approaches or tend towards a universalization of experiences?

This conference aims to discuss and analyze enabling and disabling power of collective memories and lived experiences in relation to human rights. 

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Civil Society Dialogue Network

The Civil Society Dialogue Network (CSDN) is a mechanism for dialogue between civil society and EU policy-makers on issues related to peace and conflict. It is co-financed by the European Union (Instrument for Stability) and EPLO, and managed by EPLO in co-operation with the European Commission (EC) and the European External Action Service (EEAS)More


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Designing and Supporting National Dialogues: What Role for the EU and Civil Society?

 Thursday 30 October 2014




The EU and Peacebuilding: From European Peace Project to Global Actor

The EU and Peacebuilding: From European Peace Project to Global Actor is an 18-month project co-financed by the European Commission (Europe for Citizens Programme) and aimed at engaging a broad range of actors in a dialogue on the EU's role in conflict prevention and peacebuilding, and its history as a peace project. More


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The EU as a peace actor - peacebuilding in the EU and its neighbourhood

Monday 23 June 2014

Brussels, Belgium