Member Organisations’ Publications

From Power Mediation to Dialogue Support? Assessing the European Union’s Capabilities for Multi-Track Diplomacy (September 2017)

Basics of Dialogue Facilitation (September 2017)

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Equitable healthcare through RBF in Ethiopia (August 2017)

Delivering sexual and reproductive health and rights (shrh) services in fragile contexts (July 2017)

Facilitation handbook for working with religious leaders on sexual and reproductive health for young people (July 2017)

CSPPS Newsletter (July 2017)

The promise and perils of national dialogues (October 2017)

In our time: 15 years of war and peacemaking (September 2017)

Oslo Forum Peace Writer Prize 2017: An urgently practical approach to the Korean Peninsula (August 2017)

Never again: International intervention in Bosnia and Herzegovina (July 2017)

The Inside Story: The impact of insider mediators on modern peacemaking (June 2017)

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Truth, Memory and Reconciliation Commission of Colombian Women in the Diaspora (October 2017)

September peacebuilding news and jobs (September 2017)

Gender and Nepal’s transition from war (September 2017)

Public support for peacebuilding: Attitudes towards peacebuilding and dialogue with armed groups in the UK, US and Germany (September 2017)

August peacebuilding news and jobs (August 2017)

2017 Peace Together Conference Report: The essence of peacebuilding: economics or politics? (July 2017)
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Assessment report by Ali Bayramoğlu: Politics and the Kurdish Problem in Turkey After the Constitutional Reform (September 2017)

The Role of Business in Northern Ireland’s Peace Process (August 2017)

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Between Rhetoric & Practice: Local Ownership & the Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo (September 2017)

Special Newsletter (September 2017)

Newsletter (July 2017)

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Inclusive Social Contracts in Fragile States in Transition: Strengthening the Building Blocks of Success (October 2017)
Les autres femmes: Marginalisation, violence et accès à la justice dans le gouvernorat de Jendouba (October 2017)

Redressing the balance: Why we need more peacebuilding in an increasingly uncertain world (September 2017)

Afghanistan’s cross-border trade with Pakistan and Iran and the responsibility for conflict-sensitive employment (September 2017)

Decentralisation in Ukraine: Achievements, expectations and concerns (August 2017)

Programming Framework (August 2017)

Newsletter (August 2017)

Right to a voice? Freedom of expression in the media in Nepal (August 2017)

Annual Report 2016 (July 2017)

“Most of the men want to leave”: Armed groups, displacement and the gendered webs of vulnerability in Syria (July 2017)

“The War As I See It”: Youth Perceptions and Knowledge of the Lebanese Civil War (October 2017)
In Focus (October 2017)
World Report (September 2017)
Amid Ethnic Cleansing in Myanmar, Where Does Transitional Justice Stand? (September 2017)
In Focus (September 2017)
To Prevent Enforced Disappearances, Rethink the Justice and Security Equation (August 2017)
World Report (August 2017)
In Focus (August 2017)
World Report (July 2017)
In Focus (July 2017)
International Crisis Group Time to Reset African Union-European Union Relations (October 2017)
The Social Roots of Jihadist Violence in Burkina Faso’s North (October 2017)
Avoiding the Worst in Central African Republic (September 2017)
Herders against Farmers: Nigeria’s Expanding Deadly Conflict (September 2017)
Double-edged Sword: Vigilantes in African Counter-insurgencies (September 2017)
Buddhism and State Power in Myanmar (September 2017)
Cameroon’s Anglophone Crisis at the Crossroads (August 2017)
How Libya’s Fezzan Became Europe’s New Border (July 2017)
Sri Lanka’s Conflict-Affected Women: Dealing with the Legacy of War (July 2017)
Central Asia’s Silk Road Rivalries (July 2017)
How the Islamic State Rose, Fell and Could Rise Again in the Maghreb (July 2017)
The Politics of Islam in Mali: Separating Myth from Reality (July 2017)
China’s Foreign Policy Experiment in South Sudan (July 2017)
Building bridges for sustainable peace: Annual Report 2016 (September 2017)
Sistematización y propuesta de modelo integral de rehabilitación (July 2017)
Voices of the People: Challenges to Peace in Mandera County (July 2017)
The Islamic State narrative in Kosovo deconstructed one story at a time (September 2017)
Kosovo Security Barometer – Special Edition: Citizens’ perceptions on Police Integrity in Kosovo (September 2017)
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Being and Becoming a Peacebuilder: Insights from 20,000 hours of youth-led dialogues in the Horn of Africa (October 2017)

Horn of Africa Bulletin (July-August 2017)

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We have forgotten what happiness is: Youth perspectives on displacement and return in Qayyarah sub-district, Mosul (October 2017)
Financing women farmers: The need to increase and redirect agriculture and climate adaptation resources (October 2017)
Beyond ‘Fortress Europe’: principles for a humane EU migration policy (October 2017)
Great expectations: is the IMF turning words into action on inequality? (October 2017)
From early warning to early action in Somalia: What can we learn to support early action to mitigate humanitarian crises? (October 2017)
The distance that unites us: An overview of Brazilian inequalities (September 2017)
High-priced medicines and lack of needs-driven innovation: a global crisis that fuels inequality (September 2017)
Oxfam’s Future of Business Initiative: Promoting equitable businesses and fourth sector development (September 2017)
Learning from hindsight: synthesis report on Oxfam resilience research (September 2017)
Transparency is more than dollars and cents: An examination of informational needs for aid spending in Sierra Leone and Liberia (September 2017)
Pathways to deforestation-free food: Developing supply chains free of deforestation and exploitation in the food and beverage sector (September 2017)
Trash Talk: turning waste into work in Jordan’s Za’atari refugee camp (August 2017)
The case for improved water resource management in Kirkuk Governorate, Iraq (August 2017)
Yemen: catastrophic cholera crisis (August 2017)
‘You aren’t human any more’: Migrants expose the harrowing situation in Libya and the impact of European policies (August 2017)
The Commitment to Reducing Inequality Index: A new global ranking of governments based on what they are doing to tackle the gap between rich and poor (July 2017)
Making Tax Vanish: How the practices of consumer goods MNC RB show that the international tax system is broken (July 2017)
A Snapshot of Inequality: What the latest agricultural census reveals about land distribution in Colombia (July 2017)
Oxfam’s analysis of the G20 Hamburg communique (July 2017)
Missing out on small is beautiful: The EU’s failure to deliver on policy commitments to support smallholder agriculture in developing countries (July 2017)
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(PAX is a member of EPLO member organisation Pax Christi International)

No return to Homs: A case study on demographic engineering in Syria (Arabic) (October 2017)
Assessing the potential impact of the Kosovo Specialist Court (October 2017)
Public perception of the Kosovo Specialist Court (October 2017)
Siege Watch #7: Seventh Quarterly Report on Besieged Areas in Syria May-July 2017 (September 2017)
Under the Radar: The United Arab Emirates, arms transfers and regional conflict (September 2017)
ALEF & PAX Policy Brief: Reinforce human rights as an essential element in cooperation between the EU and Lebanon (July 2017)
Iraq Alert V: Breaking the cycle of division: Justice for all Iraqis (July 2017)
Around Europe Issue 374 (October 2017)

Age, gender, LGBT and disability groups unite for racial justice (September 2017)

The European Convention on Human Rights: A common endeavour in the name of human dignity (July 2017)

Child Immigration Detention in Europe (July 2017)

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Syria: playing into their hands (October 2017)
We need to talk about Egypt: how brutal ‘counter-terrorism’ is failing Egypt and its allies (October 2017)
Goal 16 is about peace, not hard security (October 2017)
Governing black gold: lessons from oil finds in Turkana, Kenya (October 2017)
Newsletter (October 2017)
Charting the wrong course: EU efforts to stop migration through the Mediterranean (September 2017)
Implementing the new commitments to peace (September 2017)
Much ado about nothing? Reflections on the third ATT Conference of States Parties (September 2017)
Counter-terror in Tunisia: a road paved with good intentions? (September 2017)
Technical problems, political fixes: assessing rule of law in local governance in Ukraine (September 2017)
Time to reflect, vote (again) and build a peaceful nation (September 2017)
Newsletter (September 2017)
Mining in Uganda: a conflict-sensitive analysis (August 2017)
Reflections on the UK High Court Decision on arms sales to Saudi Arabia (August 2017)
Newsletter (August 2017)
Keeping the SDGs on track: did the 2017 UN High-Level Political Forum do its job? (July 2017)
Inside Kenya’s war on terror: breaking the cycle of violence in Garissa (July 2017)
Security integration in Myanmar: past experiences and future visions (July 2017)
Peaceful, just and inclusive societies: What role for the 2030 Agenda in the Horn of Africa? (July 2017)
Overview: Lessons on counter-terror and countering violent extremism (July 2017)
Brexit and the future of UK arms transfer controls (July 2017)
Newsletter (July 2017) – Four tips from peacebuilders on working with young people to transform violent extremism (August 2017)
swisspeace Understanding Mediation Support Structures (October 2017)
Are Mediators Norm Entrepreneurs? Exploring the Role of Mediators in Norm Diffusion (September 2017)
dealing with the past news (September 2017)
à propos – KOFF Peacebuilding Magazine (September 2017)
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Good Enough Context Analysis for Rapid Response for the Kasai-Central, Democratic Republic of Congo (July 2017)

Annual Review 2016 (July 2017)

The Case for Business Action to End Violence Against Children (July 2017)