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Providing healthcare to minorities in North Iraq (September 2018)
Engaging with the peace process in Colombia (November 2018)

Report: Learning to make a difference (September 2018)

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Borderlands and peacebuilding (November 2018)

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The Islamic State in East Africa (September 2018)

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The Colombian Peace Talks – Practical Lessons for Negotiators Worldwide (September 2018)
Behind the masks (November 2018)

Unity and reconciliation in Rwanda (October 2018)

Zindagii Shoista: Living with dignity – Workshop manual (November 2018)

Opening the ‘Ingur/i gate’ for legal business (Открывая «ингурские ворота» для легального бизнеса) („ენგურის კარიბჭის“ გახსნა კანონიერი ბიზნესისთვის) (October 2018)

More resilient, still vulnerable (October 2018)

Envisioning peace (Видение мира) (October 2018)

War and identity (October 2018)

Peace Perceptions Poll 2018 (September 2018)

We Didn’t Think It Would Hit Us – Understanding the Impact of Attacks on Schools in Syria (September 2018)
International Crisis Group Friendly Fire: Venezuela’s Opposition Turmoil (November 2018)

How to Halt Yemen’s Slide into Famine (November 2018)

Breaking Algeria’s Economic Paralysis (November 2018)

Rebuilding the Gaza Ceasefire (November 2018)

Saving Guatemala’s Fight Against Crime and Impunity (October 2018)

Building Peace in Mexico: Dilemmas Facing the López Obrador Government (October 2018)

“Nobody Wants Us”: The Alienated Civilians of Eastern Ukraine (October 2018)

Al-Shabaab Five Years after Westgate: Still a Menace in East Africa (September 2018)

How to Save the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program (September 2018)

Prospects for a Deal to Stabilise Syria’s North East (September 2018)

Portraits Croisés – Analyse locale des dynamiques de conflit et de résilience dans les cercles d’Ansongo, Bourem et Gao (November 2018)

Fala di Mindjer – The Voices of women (November 2018)

“D’un coup d’essai, un véritable coup de maître” – Participation des femmes dans les forces de défense et de sécurité au Mali : un vecteur de confiance (October 2018)

Kosovo Security Barometer – Eighth Edition (November 2018)

Accounting for the Difference: Vulnerability and Resilience to Violent Extremism in Kosovo (October 2018)

Beyond the triggers: new threats of violent extremism in Kosovo (October 2018)

Multiethnicity Destruction Tendencies – Massive Resignation of Serbian Members from the Kosovo Security Force and Serbia’s Role (September 2018)

Kosovo in the Berlin Process: Gains and Challenges (September 2018)

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Imagining Peace: Ethiopia-Eritrea Rapprochement (October 2018)

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‘Let’s stop thinking it is normal’ (November 2018)

A living income for small-scale farmers (November 2018)

Examining the crude details (November 2018)

Open books: how investments in financial intermediaries can be transparent and why they should be (October 2016)

Powering the transition: World Bank and other IFI energy lending in Asia (October 2018)

‘I am determined to realize my dread’ (October 2018)

The Commitment to Reducing Inequality Index 2018 (October 2018)

Walking the Talk (September 2018)

Building a more equal Ghana (September 2018)

Prescription for poverty (September 2018)

One year on: time to put women and girls at heart of the Rohingya response (September 2018)

The future of business: shaping inclusive growth in South-East Asia (September 2018)

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(PAX is a member of EPLO member organisation Pax Christi International)

Crunch Time (November 2018)

Human Rights and Human Realities (October 2018)

Assessing the response of Dutch banks to severe human rights abuses in the extractive industry (October 2018)

Siege Watch #10 Part 2 (September 2018)

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Strengthening community resilience to violence in DRC (November 2018)

Planning for success from start to exit: A review of literature, policy and practice (September 2018)

New QCEA paper on the Khartoum Process (November 2018)

Around Europe #378 (September 2018)

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Sierra Leone Arms Trade Treaty national assessment report (November 2018)

Joint Committee on National Security Strategy inquiry: The Conflict, Stability and Security Fund (November 2018)

Saferworld’s annual review 2017-18 (November 2018)

United Nations peace operations in complex environments: charting the right course (September 2018)

Enhancing women’s role in peace and security in Yemen (September 2018)

Security integration in Myanmar: reflections from conflict-affected societies (September 2018)

Turning the Tide: Opportunities to Build Peace amid Escalating Violence in Myanmar (September 2018)
swisspeace The democratizing effect of non-violent resistance (September 2018)
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“Nexus Mysteria”? Why the divide is artificial, and the opportunities are real (October 2018)

Will You Hear Us? (September 2018)