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Annual Report 2016 (June 2017)

Peaceful Coexistence? ‘Traditional’ and ‘Non-traditional’ Conflict Resolution Mechanisms (May 2017)

Conflict sensitive refugee assistance (April 2017)

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Global goals, local results: Cordaid Corporate Brochure 2017 (May 2017)
Annual Report 2016 (May 2017)

Centre du Mali: Enjeux et dangers d’une crise négligée (April 2017)

Trainer’s Manual on Conflict Resolution: A Foundation Course – Understanding, Negotiating and Mediating Conflicts (March 2017)

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Indigenous women and Colombia’s peace process: Pathways to participation (June 2017)

Annual Report 2016 (June 2017)

Processing peace in Afghanistan (June 2017)

Hard Feelings – The role of empathy in engaging armed groups (May 2017)

May peacebuilding news and jobs (May 2017)

Accord – Two steps forward, one step back: The Nepal peace process (May 2017)

April peacebuilding news and jobs (April 2017)

March peacebuilding news and jobs (March 2017)

From cooperation to contention: Political unsettlement and farmer-pastoralist conflicts in Nigeria (March 2017)

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Annual Report 2016 (May 2017)
Assessment report by Ali Bayramoğlu: Turkey’s new political paradigm and the Kurdish question (April 2017)
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Towards Local Ownership of International Interventions in Mali (June 2017)

A Peacebuilding Lens on the Sustainable Development Goals (June 2017)

Newsletter (May 2017)

Newsletter (March 2017)

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Now is the time: Research on gender justice, conflict and fragility in the Middle East and North Africa (June 2017)

Hidden burdens of conflict: Issues of mental health and access to services among internally displaced persons in Ukraine (May 2017)

Newsletter (May 2017)

School for stability: Examining the role of education in fostering social stability in Lebanon (April 2017)

De la parité de droit à la parité de fait: Rapport d’analyses participatives et inclusives de la loi no 15/013 du 1er août 2015 portant modalités d’application des droits de la femme et de la parité en République Démocratique du Congo (April 2017)

Out of the shadows: Adopting a peacebuilding approach to the social effects of drug use in Nigeria (March 2017)

Curriculum Genre: Manuel pratique de formation sur le genre (March 2017)

Russophone identity in Ukraine in the context of the armed conflict in the east of the country (March 2017)

Newsletter (March 2017)

Not Without Dignity: Views of Syrian Refugees in Lebanon on Displacement, Conditions of Return, and Coexistence (June 2017)
In Focus (June 2017)
World Report (May 2017)
“We Cannot Forget” Truth and Memory in Post-Conflict Nepal (May 2017)
Justice Mosaics: How Context Shapes Transitional Justice in Fractured Societies (May 2017)
In Focus (May 2017)
World Report (April 2017)
Getting to Full Restitution: Guidelines for Court-Ordered Reparations in Cases Involving Sexual Violence Committed during Armed Conflict, Political Violence, or State Repression (April 2017)
World Report (April 2017)
Victims Fighting Impunity Transitional Justice in the African Great Lakes Region (March 2017)
World Report (March 2017)
In Focus (March 2017)
A Foundation of Lies: Relatives for Justice Unpacks the Truth about the Irish Conflict (March 2017)
Hope for Justice in Syria from an Unlikely Source (March 2017)
International Crisis Group Nagorno-Karabakh’s Gathering War Clouds (June 2017)
Kenya’s Rift Valley: Old Wounds, Devolution’s New Anxieties (May 2017)
Sri Lanka’s Transition to Nowhere (May 2017)
Blocked Transition: Corruption and Regionalism in Tunisia (May 2017)
The PKK’s Fateful Choice in Northern Syria (May 2017)
Managing Turkey’s PKK Conflict: The Case of Nusaybin (May 2017)
Afghanistan: The Future of the National Unity Government (April 2017)
Mafia of the Poor: Gang Violence and Extortion in Central America (April 2017)
Burundi: The Army in Crisis (April 2017)
Uzbekistan: The Hundred Days (March 2017)
Hizbollah’s Syria Conundrum (March 2017)
Fighting Boko Haram in Chad: Beyond Military Measures (March 2017)
Timor-Leste Strategic Review: Progress and Success in Achieving the Sustainable Development Goal 2 (June 2017)
Peacebuilding Model of the National Police of Colombia (May 2017)
International Day of Reflection on the 1994 Genocide of Tutsis in Rwanda – Message from Scott M. Weber, Director-General of Interpeace (April 2017)
International Women’s Day 2017 – Message from Scott M. Weber, Director-General of Interpeace (March 2017)
Reintegration of returning foreign fighters: what approach best suits Kosovo? (May 2017)
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Horn of Africa Bulletin (March-April 2017)

Policy Advocacy for Peacebuilding (April 2017)

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Still looking for safety: voices of refugees from Syria on solutions for the present and future (June 2017)
Dear family: how European migration policies are keeping families apart (June 2017)
The AIIB’s energy opportunity: how the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank’s energy lending can chart a new path of sustainable development (June 2017)
Now is the time: research on gender justice, conflict and fragility in the Middle East and North Africa (June 2017)
No end in sight: 50 years of impunity and inaction in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT) (June 2017)
‘We’re not there yet…’ Voices of refugees from Syria in Lebanon (May 2017)
On the brink – G7 fairshare funding: Funding contributed by G7 members states to UN appeals for Nigeria, Yemen, South Sudan, and Somalia (May 2017)
Inequality in Nigeria: exploring the drivers (May 2017)
Starting with people: a human economy approach to inclusive growth in Africa (May 2017)
A climate in crisis: How climate change is making drought and humanitarian disaster worse in East Africa (April 2017)
‘We’re here for an indefinite period’. Prospects for local integration of internally displaced people in North Kivu, DRC (April 2017)
Yemen on the brink of famine: Forging a pathway to peace. Oxfam Fair Share Analysis April 2017 (April 2017)
Making aid to Jordan and Lebanon work: Aid effectiveness in middle income countries affected by mass displacement (April 2017)
Oxfam comments to the World Development Report on Education concept note (April 2017)
A dangerous ‘game’: the pushback of migrants, including refugees, at Europe’s borders (April 2017)
One year stranded and what’s changed?: An update to the October 2016 Joint NGO Policy Brief on the situation for displaced persons in Greece (April 2017)
Local humanitarian leadership and religious literacy: Engaging with religion, faith, and faith actors (March 2017)
Back to Square One? Electoral promises one year after the political transition in Central African Republic (March 2017)
Who is growing? Ending inequality in Uganda: A study of the drivers of inequality in Uganda (March 2017)
Opening the vaults: The use of tax havens by Europe’s biggest banks (March 2017)
Joint NGO Briefing: Brussels Syria Conference (March 2017)
Treading water: the worsening water crisis and the Gaza Reconstruction Mechanism (March 2017)
The reality of the EU-Turkey Statement: How Greece has become a testing ground for policies that erode protection for refugees (March 2017)
From aspiration to reality: unpacking the Africa Mining Vision (March 2017)
Legislative wins, broken promises: Gaps in implementation of laws on violence against women and girls (March 2017)
The human cost of uncontrolled arms in Africa: Cross-national research on seven African countries (March 2017)
An economy that works for women: Achieving women’s economic empowerment in an increasingly unequal world (March 2017)
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Newsletter (May 2017)

(PAX is a member of EPLO member organisation Pax Christi International)

Siege Watch #6: Sixth Quarterly Report on Besieged Areas in Syria (June 2017)
Sudan Alert: Promoting civic space in Sudan: priorities for the European Union (June 2017)
Peace, everyone’s business! Corporate accountability in transitional justice: lessons for Colombia (June 2017)
Worldwide investments in Cluster Munitions a shared responsibility (May 2017)
Operating under Fire: The Effects of Explosive Weapons on Health Care in the East of Ukraine (May 2017)
Kosovo’s Framework for Dealing With the Past at a Turning Point (April 2017)
Syria & Iraq Alert III: Protect Civilians in Mosul and Raqqa (April 2017)
Syria Alert XX: Do not Pay War Crimes Dividend (March 2017)
Siege Watch #5: Fifth Quarterly Report on Besieged Areas in Syria (March 2017)
Sanctuary Everywhere – Around Europe issue 373 (June 2017)

Where next, Europe? – Around Europe issue 372 (April 2017)

Brexit: Less Confrontation, More Compassion – Around Europe issue 371 (March 2017)

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“Women nowadays do anything.” Women’s role in conflict, peace and security in Yemen (June 2017)
A snapshot of life along the Azerbaijan-Armenia border (June 2017)
Gendered discrimination and corruption in the justice sector – new learning from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (June 2017)
Peace over the airwaves: pre-election dialogues in Kenya (June 2017)
Nepal – a decade of fragile peace (June 2017)
Libya: A second chance? (June 2017)
Newsletter (June 2017)
The London Conference is over, but the hard work of building peace in Somalia continues (May 2017)
Peacebuilding organisations’ joint statement on the UK Conference on Somalia, 11 May 2017 (May 2017)
Newsletter (May 2017)
Bridging divides in Kenya: lessons from a Chinese construction project (May 2017)
Keeping USAID: why the US shouldn’t cut off its nose (April 2017)
The countering violent extremism agenda risks undermining women who need greater support (April 2017)
Assessing conflict in earthquake-affected districts of Nepal (April 2017)
Inside Kenya’s war on terror: the case of Lamu (April 2017)
Newsletter (April 2017)
Spend better, not less: The challenge for UK aid effectiveness (April 2017)
Democratisation in Somalia: reflections on 2016 and beyond (April 2017)
Witnesses to Somalia’s democratisation process (April 2017)
International efforts to prevent diversion of arms and dual-use goods transfers: challenges and priorities (April 2017)
Somalia’s 2016 electoral process: preliminary report of the Domestic Election Observer Mission (April 2017)
Newsletter (March 2017)
Shouldn’t YOU be Countering Violent Extremism? (March 2017)
Time for European values, not fear, to take centre stage in migration response (March 2017)
Making Goal 16 count – ensuring a gender perspective (March 2017)
Being ‘bold for change’: five ways we can put gender at the heart of the peace agenda (March 2017)
Caught in the crossfire: border communities in Azerbaijan (March 2017)
Counter-terror in Tunisia: job done or mission misunderstood? (March 2017)
Transforming Violent Extremism: A Peacebuilder’s Guide (April 2017)
swisspeace à propos – KOFF Peacebuilding Magazine (June 2017)
dealing with the past news (May 2017)
mediation news spring 2017 (April 2017)
à propos – KOFF Peacebuilding Magazine (April 2017)
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Counting Pennies: A review of official development assistance to end violence against children (May 2017)