Member Organisations’ Publications

National Dialogue Handbook. A Guide for Practitioners (February 2017)

Dealing with the Past: Supporting people-centred “working-through” the legacies of violence (February 2017)

Hitting the target but missing the point? Assessing donor support for inclusive and legitimate politics in fragile societies (January 2017)

OSCE support to Insider Mediation: Strengthening mediation capacities, networking and complementarity (December 2016)

Organisations under pressure but powering on – the psychosocial approach within integrated management of threat: A model for human rights organisations and donor organisations (December 2016)

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Responding to humanitarian needs in Northern Iraq (February 2017)
Mosul Joint Response (February 2017)
Regional exchange for young community leaders (January 2017)
La prise en compte des violences basées sur le genre au Burundi (January 2017)
CSPPS Annual Report 2015 (December 2016)
Cordaid in CAR: Your trusted partner for over 30 years (December 2016)
Responding to the humanitarian needs in the Central-African Republic (December 2016)
Post-desaster response and recovery plan for development finance institutions (December 2016)
Stability impact fund Africa (December 2016)
Trainer’s Manual on Conflict Resolution: A Foundation Course – Understanding, Negotiating and Mediating Conflicts (March 2017)

Understanding fragmentation in conflict and its impact on prospects for peace (February 2017)

Mediation Practice Series – Supporting a national dialogue: Dilemmas and options for third parties (December 2016)

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From cooperation to contention: Political unsettlement and farmer-pastoralist conflicts in Nigeria (March 2017)

February peacebuilding news and jobs (February 2017)

January peacebuilding news and jobs (February 2017)

Women’s meaningful participation in peace: Lessons from the Bangsamoro (January 2017)

Perspectives of non-state armed groups in the Central African Republic (January 2017)

Disarmament of the heart: Reconciliation in the Central African Republic (December 2016)

Vision 2020: Shared values and ideas for the future by young people in Jammu and Kashmir (December 2016)

2017 Spring Update (March 2017)
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New Assessment by Ali Bayramoğlu: As Tensions Mount in Kurdish Politics (December 2016)
Demystifying Mediation: impressions from a retreat with senior envoys (February 2017)

How mediators help us improve mediation support (January 2017)

Why it’s hard to change the behaviour of a mediator – and why we should keep trying (January 2017)

Insider mediators – the key to inclusive peace? (December 2016)

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Winter Newsletter (January 2017)
Newsletter (March 2017)
Newsletter (January 2017)
GPPAC Alert: Bolivia (December 2016)
WOSCAP Newsletter Issue #1 (December 2016)
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Curriculum Genre: Manuel pratique de formation sur le genre (March 2017)

Russophone identity in Ukraine in the context of the armed conflict in the east of the country (March 2017)

Newsletter (March 2017)

When merely existing is a risk: Sexual and gender minorities in conflict, displacement and peacebuilding (February 2017)

Newsletter (January 2017)

Through the citizen lens: Local involvement in the management of public affairs (December 2016)

‘They treat us all like jihadis’: Looking beyond violent extremism to building peace in Mali (December 2016)

Gendering state–citizen relations in Lebanon: The case of the Family Violence Bill 2014 (December 2016)

Marginalisation, insecurity and uncertainty on the Tunisian–Libyan border (December 2016)

Reconciliation and reintegration in Rwanda: Twenty-two years on: What have we learned from Rwanda’s experience? (December 2016)

Newsletter (December 2016)

In Focus (March 2017)
A Foundation of Lies: Relatives for Justice Unpacks the Truth about the Irish Conflict (March 2017)
Hope for Justice in Syria from an Unlikely Source (March 2017)
Assessing the Prospects for Transitional Justice in Georgia (February 2017)
World Report (February 2017)
In Focus (February 2017)
World Report (January 2017)
In Focus (January 2017)
World Report (December 2016)
When No One Calls It Rape: Addressing Sexual Violence Against Men and Boys in Transitional Contexts (December 2016)
ICTJ at 15: What We Do and Why We Do it (December 2016)
The Complex Reality Beyond the Trial of Dominic Ongwen (December 2016)
In Focus (December 2016)
International Crisis Group Uzbekistan: The Hundred Days (March 2017)
Hizbollah’s Syria Conundrum (March 2017)
Fighting Boko Haram in Chad: Beyond Military Measures (March 2017)
Veracruz: Fixing Mexico’s State of Terror (February 2017)
Niger and Boko Haram: Beyond Counter-insurgency (February 2017)
Watchmen of Lake Chad: Vigilante Groups Fighting Boko Haram (February 2017)
Pakistan: Stoking the Fire in Karachi (February 2017)
Yemen’s al-Qaeda: Expanding the Base (February 2017)
In the Shadow of “No”: Peace after Colombia’s Plebiscite (January 2017)
Implementing the Iran Nuclear Deal: A Status Report (January 2017)
South Sudan: Rearranging the Chessboard (December 2016)
Venezuela: Tough Talking (December 2016)
Myanmar: A New Muslim Insurgency in Rakhine State (December 2016)
Nigeria: Women and the Boko Haram Insurgency (December 2016)
International Women’s Day 2017 – Message from Scott M. Weber, Director-General of Interpeace (March 2017)
Existing as Gbonhi: Adolescents and youth, so-called “microbes”, engaging in violence in Abobo (February 2017)
Discussion paper for peace education in the Great Lakes Region (February 2017)
Re-conceptualization of violence in the Northern Triangle (January 2017)
International or Local Ownership?: Security Sector Development in Post-Independent Kosovo (February 2017)
Mapping the state of play of institutional and community involvement in countering violent extremism in Kosovo (February 2017)
Kosovo Security Barometer – Special Edition: Trends of Perception towards Kosovo’s Foreign Policy and Dialogue with Serbia (February 2017)
Women in Violent Extremism: Lessons learned from Kosovo (January 2017)
Examining NATO’s response: What kind of partnership with Kosovo? (January 2017)
Kosovo Security Barometer – Sixth Edition (December 2016)
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Horn of Africa Bulletin (January-February 2017)
Horn of Africa Bulletin (November-December 2016)
Success stories of women and men working for peace (December 2016)
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No recent publications
The reality of the EU-Turkey Statement: How Greece has become a testing ground for policies that erode protection for refugees (March 2017)
From aspiration to reality: unpacking the Africa Mining Vision (March 2017)
Legislative wins, broken promises: Gaps in implementation of laws on violence against women and girls (March 2017)
The human cost of uncontrolled arms in Africa: Cross-national research on seven African countries (March 2017)
An economy that works for women: Achieving women’s economic empowerment in an increasingly unequal world (March 2017)
Towards a more equal Indonesia: How the government can take action to close the gap between the richest and the rest (February 2017)
Raising the bar: rethinking the role of business in the Sustainable Development Goals (February 2017)
Private-finance blending for development: risks and opportunities (February 2017)
Blended finance: what it is, how it works and how it is used (February 2017)
Red gold and fishing in the Lake Chad Basin: Restoring destroyed livelihoods and protecting people in Niger’s Diffa region (February 2017)
Whose crops, at what price? Agricultural investment in Myanmar (February 2017)
We won’t wait: as war ravages Yemen, its women strive to build peace (January 2017)
Responsible investment in Myanmar: Lessons from experiences of SEZ developments (January 2017)
Stand and deliver: Urgent action needed on commitments made at the London Conference one year on (January 2017)
The dairy sector in the Gaza Strip (January 2017)
An economy for the 99%: It’s time to build a human economy that benefits everyone, not just the privileged few (January 2017)
The case for a billionaire tax (January 2017)
Even It Up: how to tackle inequality in Vietnam (January 2017)
Where there’s a will, there’s a way: safe havens needed for refugees from Syria (December 2016)
Our Seeds: Lessons from the drought – Voices of farmers in Zimbabwe (December 2016)
EU leaders can save lives this winter if they change migration policies: NGO Statement ahead of the European Council of 15 December 2016 (December 2016)
Tax Battles: the dangerous global race to the bottom on corporate tax (December 2016)
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(Partners Albania is a member of EPLO member organisation Partners Network)
Newsletter ‘Towards a Sustainable Society’ (December 2016)
Newsletter (February 2017)
Nonviolence in Africa Conference: Statement on a Culture of Peace and Nonviolence (December 2016)

(PAX is a member of EPLO member organisation Pax Christi International)

Siege Watch #5: Fifth Quarterly Report on Besieged Areas in Syria (March 2017)
Power Projection: Turkey’s Military Build-Up: Arms Transfers and an Emerging Military Industry (January 2017)
Siege Watch #4: Fourth Quarterly Report on Besieged Areas in Syria (December 2016)
Brexit: Less Confrontation, More Compassion – Around Europe issue 371 (March 2017)

Will Erasmus fund military skills? – Around Europe issue 370 (December 2016)

Newsletter (March 2017)
Shouldn’t YOU be Countering Violent Extremism? (March 2017)
Time for European values, not fear, to take centre stage in migration response (March 2017)
Making Goal 16 count – ensuring a gender perspective (March 2017)
Being ‘bold for change’: five ways we can put gender at the heart of the peace agenda (March 2017)
Caught in the crossfire: border communities in Azerbaijan (March 2017)
Counter-terror in Tunisia: job done or mission misunderstood? (March 2017)
Informal armies: community defence groups in South Sudan’s civil war (February 2017)
‘Guvernance’ and the ‘role’ of law: Getting the vowels right (February 2017)
A closer look at Secretary Rex Tillerson and his foreign policy perspective (February 2017)
Four questions for democratisation in Somalia (February 2017)
‘Strength through peace – not peace through strength’: a reaction to Trump’s America First foreign policy (February 2017)
Newsletter (February 2017)
We won’t wait: as war ravages Yemen, its women strive to build peace (January 2017)
Newsletter (January 2017)
Newsletter (December 2016)
Report and accounts 2015-16 (December 2016)
Making big cases small and small cases disappear: experiences of local justice in Myanmar (December 2016)
Court action to implement the Arms Trade Treaty (December 2016)
Understandings of Justice in Myanmar (December 2016)
Myanmar’s plural justice system (December 2016)
UK peacebuilding organisations call for action on Aleppo (December 2016)
A Faustian approach to migration: how long can it hold? (December 2016)
Women’s role in peace and security in Yemen (December 2016)
The 2030 Agenda’s commitment to peaceful, just and inclusive societies – making it count (December 2016)
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swisspeace à propos – KOFF Peacebuilding Magazine (February 2017)
Perceptions of Governance – The Experience of Local Administrative Councils in Opposition-held Syria (January 2017)
Syrian voices on the Syrian conflict: The plight of Palestinian refugees in Syria in the camps south of Damascus (January 2017)
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Justice and Advocacy News (December 2016)