Member Organisations’ Publications

Transformative Scenarios Process (August 2018)

Militias: A Curse of a Cure (August 2018)

Annual Report 2017 (June 2018)

Summary study of the project entitled ‘Prevention of Radicalization in the Prison-system’ (July 2018)

Strengthening Education in DR Congo through Performance-based Financing (August 2018)

Building Education Systems in the Central African Republic (July 2018)

HIV in Fragile Contexts (June 2018)

Cordain in CAR: your trusted partner for over 30 years (June 2018)

In it for the long haul? Lessons on peacebuilding in South Sudan (July 2018)
Rapport annuel – Le Centre pour le dialogue humanitaire en 2017 (August 2018)

UN Sanctions: Liability or asset in mediation processes? (July 2018)

Exiting Chaos: Ghassan Salamé reflects on peacemaking (June 2018)

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10 steps for peace in Afghanistan (July 2018)

Accord Issue 27 Incremental Peace in Afghanistan (June 2018)

Balancing stability and inclusion in peace transitions: a way forward (May 2018)

6 ways to support gender inclusion in peace transitions (May 2018)

Partnerships in peacebuilding (May 2018)

Gendered political settlements: Examining peace transitions in Bougainville, Nepal and Colombia (May 2018)

Navigating inclusion in peace transitions (May 2018)

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Critical Friend – An Innovation in Evaluation and Learning for Peacebuilding (June 2018)

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The Limits of Punishment: Transitional Justice and Violent Extremism (May 2018)

Towards sustainable agriculture (August 2018)

If victims become perpetrators (June 2018)

Annual Report 2017 (May 2018)

Citizens for Change (May 2018)

Strengthening the capacity of business to contribute to building peace in Afghanistan (May 2018)

Health for social stability: Drawing on post-project learning (May 2018)

Justice for Syrian Victims Beyond Trials: The Need for New, Innovative Uses for Documentation of Human Rights Violations in Syria (May 2018)

The Role of Victims in Criminal Proceedings (May 2018)

Legal Frameworks for Specialized Chambers (May 2018)

Transitional Justice in Tunisia: Tension Between the Need for Accountability and Due Process Rights (May 2018)

International Crisis Group Myanmar’s Stalled Transition (August 2018)

After the Showdown in Libya’s Oil Crescent (August 2018)

Extrême-Nord du Cameroun : nouveau chapitre dans la lutte contre Boko Haram (August 2018)

Iraq’s Paramilitary Groups: The Challenge of Rebuilding a Functioning State (July 2018)

Stopping Nigeria’s Spiralling Farmer-Herder Violence (July 2018)

Building on Afghanistan’s Fleeting Ceasefire (July 2018)

The Missing Peace: Colombia’s New Government and Last Guerrillas (July 2018)

Patriotic Mobilisation in Russia (July 2018)

Russia and Turkey in the Black Sea and the South Caucasus (June 2018)

Keeping the Calm in Southern Syria (June 2018)

Risky Business: The Duque Government’s Approach to Peace in Colombia (June 2018)

Frontière Niger-Mali : mettre l’outil militaire au service d’une approche politique (June 2018)

Deep Freeze and Beyond: Making the Trump-Kim Summit a Success (June 2018)

Somalia and the Gulf Crisis (June 2018)

Youth at the center of peacebuilding – Annual Report 2017 (August 2018)

Etude sur les Aspirations des Jeunes sur le Burundi de demain (July 2018)

Trends of citizens’ perceptions towards Kosovo Police (2015-2018) (June 2018)

Journalists’ guide – Violent Extremism: Definition and Terminology

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Tailor Made (August 2018)

Equity and Quality in an Education Public-Private Partnership (August 2018)

Israel tightens Gaza Blockade, Civilians bear the Brunt (July 2018)

Space to be Heard (July 2018)

Breaking the Mould (July 2018)

The world must back peace, not war, to put an end to civilian suffering in Yemen (July 2018)

Drought, displacement and livelihoods in Somalia/Somaliland (June 2018)

Towards a socially responsible Aquaculture Stewardship Council (June 2018)

Ripe for change (June 2018)

The fighting must stop – to create a space for peace (June 2018)

Oxfam comments on the World Bank’s draft of the 2019 World Development Report (June 2018)

The World needs a New Strategy to Protect the People of Hodedia and Avoid Catastrophe (June 2018)

Nowhere but out (June 2018)

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(PAX is a member of EPLO member organisation Pax Christi International)

Siege Watch #10 Part 1 (June 2018)

PAX Consolidated Financial Report 2017 (June 2018)

PAX in 2017 (June 2018)

No recent publications
Emergency Reintegration of Child Soldiers in DRC (August 2018)

Mali On The Brink: Local Voices for Peace (July 2018)

Facilitating Financial Sustainability: Research Reports (May 2018)

Anti-migrant hate speech (June 2018)

Around Europe #377 (June 2018)

No recent publications

Humanitarian reform must be a collective endeavour (August 2018)

Letter to UK Foreign Secretary urging condemnation of airstrike on a school bus in Saada, Yemen (August 2018)

Saferworld statement on bus strike in Saada, Yemen (August 2018)

Saferworld statement on UK arms exports report by the Committees on Arms Export Controls (CAEC) (July 2018)

Communities tackling small arms and light weapons in South Sudan: lessons learnt and best practices (July 2018)

Gendered experiences of land confiscation in Myanmar: Insights from eastern Bago Region and Kayin State (June 2018)

Somaliland decided: the domestic election observers’ report on the 2017 presidential election (June 2018)

Turning the Tide: Opportunities to Build Peace amid Escalating Violence in Myanmar (September 2018)

Pathways for Peace & Stability in Taiz, Yemen: An Analysis of Conflict Dynamics and Windows of Opportunity (August 2018)

swisspeace Atrocity’s Archives: The Role of Archives in Transitional Justice (July 2018)
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CASE STUDY Building resilience of women in an arid area through adaptable technology (July 2018)

Our Progress on Child Well-Being (July 2018)

On the Road Somewhere (June 2018)

Fact Sheet: It Takes Health to End Violence Against Children – Rwanda (June 2018)