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EPLO Brown Bag Lunch events are 1 – 1.5 hour-long, informal round-table discussions on a wide range of geographic and thematic topics with relevance for the EU and its support for peacebuilding and conflict prevention. Participation is free and (usually) open to all but registration is mandatory.

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TitleViolence, Peace and Drugs: Policy and Practice Recommendations for the European Union
DateTuesday 25 January 2022
Time12:00 – 13:00 (CET)


This event will look at how illicit drug economies function in borderlands regions, and at the ways in which they connect with violence, conflict and peace. The speakers will present a report with findings from research carried out to understand transitions from war to peace economies in drugs-affected borderlands in Afghanistan, Colombia and Myanmar.

The event will draw directly on the stories, perspectives and experiences of people living in borderland communities, and will explore the tensions and trade-offs between the policy fields of drugs, development and peacebuilding. The findings challenge the assumption that ‘all good things come together’ – that the policy goals of a drug-free world, sustainable development and lasting peace are mutually reinforcing and can be pursued simultaneously. The speakers will open dialogue, consider the policy implications and explore specific recommendations for the European Union.

Dr Paul Quinn is Head of ‘From Violence to Peace’, leading the peacebuilding and conflict prevention work of Christian Aid internationally. Throughout his career he has led work tackling conflict and fragility in contexts across Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America. Prof Jonathan Goodhand is Professor in Conflict and Development Studies at SOAS, University of London. His research interests include the political economy of armed conflict, war economies, war-to-peace transitions and the role of international aid in relation to these processes.

RegistrationPlease note that registration is mandatory. If you would like to participate, please register on this page.

Previous Events


09/12/2021: Second Karabakh War: One Year On – Gendered Elements of Rehabilitation and Recovery (Ekaterine Gamakharia, Sukhumi Fund, Pervana Mammadova, and Knarik Mkrtchyan, Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation)


25/11/2021: Working with the cultural heritage of conflict for peacebuilding: Lessons learned from the Western Balkans (Dr Stefanie Kappler, Durham University, and Dr Johanna Mannergren Selimovic, Swedish Institute of International Affairs)

10/11/2021: Rebalancing the power dynamics between civil society and policy-makers in Europe (Kristina Lunz and Damjan Denkovski, Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy)


27/10/2021: How to prevent and mitigate hate and misinformation online? (Mina Dennert, I Am Here International)


14/09/2021: Conflict Prevention and Global Megatrends: Preparing for a hotter, increasingly digital and fragmented 2030 (Katariina Mustasilda, Finnish Institute of International Affairs)

07/09/2021: EU National Action Plans for Women, Peace and Security – Emphasizing Civil Society Engagement and Regional Collaboration? (Amy Herr, University of Bradford)


08/07/2021: Monitoring, Evaluation and Evidence in Transitional Justice Processes (Marianne Akumu and Mateo Porciuncula, International Center for Transitional Justice, Stephan Parmantier, Leuven Institute of Criminology, and Devota Nuwe, Refugee Project)


23/06/2021: Seizing the Moment and Pursuing Systems Change for Locally-led Peacebuilding (Mie Roesdahl, Conducive Space for Peace, and Miriam Brandner, Robert Bosch Stiftung)

08/06/2021: COVID-19 and conflict: New evidence of dynamics in Afghanistan, Nigeria and Colombia (Gabrielle Aron and Tog Gang, Mercy Corps)


27/05/2021: The Principles for Peace Initiative (Hiba Qasas, Principle for Peace Secretariat)

04/05/2021: Maximising the role of business in fragile and conflict-affected environments: Women’s contributions to peace (Christina Bache, LSE Ideas)


12/04/2021: Creating Clarity in Conflict? Integrating Organisational Development into the Peacebuilding World (Torge Kuebler, and Carole Frampton, PeaceNexus)


10/02/2021: Working in the Pandemic: Lessons learned from an online dialogue programme on the Women, Peace and Security agenda (Bernardo Monzani, Agency for Peacebuilding)

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