Brown Bag Lunch Events 2018


4/12/2018: Counter-terror and the logic of violence in Somalia’s civil war (Joanne Crouch, Saferworld)


20/11/2018: Stabilisation versus Peacebuilding: case studies from post-Daesh Iraq and the Middle East (Martina Pignatti Morano and Domenico Chirico, Un Ponte Per…)

15/11/2018: Peace Perceptions Poll 2018 (Julian Egan, International Alert, and Christine Wilson, British Council)

06/11/2018: Peacebuilding and the road to EU integration for the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia – a women human rights defenders’ perspective (Irena Cvetkovic, Coalition Margins, and Sneshka Ilikj, Reactor – Research in Action)


30/10/2018: Radicalisation of Migrant Workers in Central Asia: Perspectives from a Peacebuilding Organisation (Keneshbek Sainazarov, Search for Common Ground)


18/09/2018: Political, security and social developments in Cameroon (Hans De Marie Heungoup, International Crisis Group)


27/06/2018: Mainstreaming Human Rights and Gender in CSDP missions: the case of EUBAM Libya and EUPOL COPPS (Sanna Kaskeala, EUBAM Libya, Emma Hickey & Irina D’Almeida, EUPOL COPPS)

26/06/2018: Conflict Sensitivity: Challenges, Opportunities and Gaps for Actors on the Ground (Maya Assaf-Horstmeier, World Vision International)


22/05/2018: The Inside Story of the Conflict in Southeastern Ukraine (Dr Anna Matveeva)


06/03/2018: Unarmed Civilian Protection: Global needs, Opportunities and Challenges (Tanya Walmsley, Huibert Oldenhuis and Delsy Ronnie, Nonviolent Peaceforce)


27/02/2018: Training Central African troops on International Humanitarian Law – Lessons learnt for CSDP (Cynthia Petrigh, Beyond Peace)

22/02/2018: Reducing Violent Extremism Abroad: What Works? (Dr. Rebecca Wolfe, Mercy Corps and Chiara Galletti, International Alert)

20/02/2018: Early action and the Responsibility to Protect: exchange of views with civil society (Ivan Šimonović, United Nations Secretary-General’s Special Advisor on the Responsibility to Protect)

08/02/2018: After the Summit: what’s next in post-Abidjan AU-EU relations in 2018? (Elissa Jobson, International Crisis Group)


25/01/2018: Peace and Stability Strategies for the Private Sector in Afghanistan (Rabia Nusrat, International Alert)

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