Brown Bag Lunch Events 2012


13/12/2012: People first: Challenges in Empowering Women for Active Political and Socio-Economic Participation in Jordan: Rasha Abdel Latif – Programme Officer, Partners Jordan

07/12/2012: Countries at a crossroads 2012 Report – Divergences and Decline: The Middle East and the World after the Arab Spring: Vanessa Tucker – Project Director of Countries at the Crossroads; and Daniel Calingaer – Executive Vice President, Freedom House

03/12/2012: Transformer les conflits au Sahel – perspectives de la société civile: Fatoumata Maiga – President, Association des femmes pour les initiatives de paix (AFIP); Bintou Bouare – President, Women in Law and Development in Africa (WiLDAF) – Mali; Abdelkader Abderrahmane – Researcher, Institute for Security Studies (ISS)


28/11/2012: Women’s Leadership for Peace and Security in the Greater Horn of Africa: Kaltun Hassan, Women’s Action for Advocacy & Progress Organization (WAAPO), Somaliland; and Selamawit Gebreyohannes, Eritrean Women for Development Association.


30/10/2012: Democratic transition in tandem with building peace in Myanmar: Opportunities and challenges for insiders and outsiders: U Ohn Kyaing, National League for Democracy Member of Parliament; and Kyaw Thu – Director of Paung Ku.

25/10/2012: Peacebuilding 2.0: Mapping the Boundaries of an Expanding Field (The View from Washington): Melanie Greenberg – President and CEO, Alliance for Peacebuilding

18/10/2012: The Dubai Mawaarid Initiative: How best to invest in peace in the MENA region: Shelley Deane – Senior Middle East Advisor, International Alert; and Christian Henderson – Director, Dunlin Consultants

10/10/2012: Supporting Women’s Participation in the Mindanao Peace Process: Nerea Bilbatúa – Gender Adviser for the Philippines and Colombia programmes, Conciliation Resources


27/09/2012: Introducing a conflict-sensitive approach to humanitarian and development programmes in Eastern Congo: Charline Burton – Conflict Sensitivity Coordinator, Search for Common Ground

18/09/2012: Moving Beyond Conflict in Northern Ireland: Developing an International Peace Building and Conflict Resolution Centre: Mary McKee and Kenny Knox – Strategic Investment Board

17/09/2012: Business & Peace – a good match? Andrea Iff – Senior Researcher and Project Coordinator – Business & Peace, swisspeace

11/09/2012: The EU as a peace project: Defending, learning from and applying our history: Martina Weitsch – Representative, Quaker Council for European Affairs; Bernard Philippe – Policy Adviser, European External Action Service; Professor Bruno Coppieters – Professor of Political Science, Vrije Universiteit Brussel


09/07/2012: “For me, but without me, is against me” Why efforts to stabilise the Democratic Republic of Congo are not working: Sam Dixon – Policy Advisor, Oxfam International

03/07/2012: Taking seriously the unresolved crises in Guinea Bissau and Guinea: Gilles Olakounlé Yabi – Project Director West Africa, International Crisis Group


28/06/2012: Guidance for Designing, Monitoring and Evaluating Peacebuilding Project: Using Theories of Change: Heidi Ober – Peacebuilding Design, Monitoring & Evaluation Coordinator, CARE International

22/06/2012: State of affairs of arms transfer control: An Vranckx – Small Arms and Conflict Advisor, Saferworld

21/06/2012: Burundi – Role of Civil Society and Media in the Absence of a Democratic Opposition: Gabrielle Solanet – Programme Associate for the Great Lakes region, Search for Common Ground

19/06/2012: The German Peace Report 2012: Global power transitions from the Atlantic towards the Pacific and their consequences: Dr Bruno Schoch – Senior Research Fellow, Peace Research Institute Frankfurt; and Dr Corinna Hauswedell – Conflict Analysis and Dialogue, Bonn International Center for Conversion

18/06/2012: International Support to Peace Negotiations: Innovations and Lessons from Asia: Kristian Herbolzheimer – Director of Philippines and Colombia Programmes, Conciliation Resources; and Steven Rood – Country representative for the Philippines and Pacific Island Nations, The Asia Foundation

15/06/2012: Early Warning and Conflict Prevention by the EU – lessons from Kenya and Kyrgyzstan: Sébastien Babaud – EU Advocacy Coordinator, Saferworld

07/06/2012: Reintegration of Taliban fighters in Afghanistan: Deedee Derksen – Researcher focusing on DDR in Afghanistan, War Studies Department, King’s College London


30/05/2012: Impacts of donor and government policies on youth and urban violence: Silvia Ramos – Senior Researcher, Centre for Studies on Security and Citizenship; and Isabel Aguilar – Regional Coordinator Central America Youth Programme, Interpeace

16/05/2012: Best practises in conflict prevention, non-state mediation actors and the preventive role of the private sector: Dr Achim Wennmann – Executive Coordinator, Geneva Peacebuilding Platform

08/05/2012: Syria: Analysis of Current Situation and Possible EU Responses: Maen Abdul Salam – Syrian Peace Activist


29/03/2012: Bosnia and Herzegovina – EU accession and peacebuilding: Srecko Latal – Balkans Analyst, International Crisis Group

19/03/2012: Mano River Union: Hajia Saran Daraba – Secretary-General, Mano River Union Secretariat

16/03/2012: Presentation of CARE International “How to” Guide for Peacebuilding Design, Monitoring and Evaluation: Heidi Ober – Peacebuilding Design, Monitoring & Evaluation Coordinator, CARE International

15/03/2012: Kosovo’s path towards NATO Partnership for Peace (PfP) Programme: Mentor Vrajolli – Senior Researcher/Secretary, Pëllumb Kallaba, Head of Research and Florian Qehaja – Executive Director, Kosovar Centre for Security Studies (KCSS)

01/03/2012: Leaving the past behind: the perceptions of youth in Bosnia: Representatives from Nansen Dialogue Centre Sarajevo


23/02/2012: Civil society perspective on the situation in Somalia: Presentation of Oxfam report A Shift in Focus: Putting the interests of Somali people first, Representative of a Somali civil society organisation, and Tidhar Wald – EU Conflict & Humanitarian Policy Advisor, Oxfam International

22/02/2012: Turkey’s accession process to the European Union: Aysegül Dogan – IMC TV

20/02/2012: Georgian and Abkhaz civil society perspectives on conflict and EU responses: Margarita Akhvlediani – Director, Go Group/Eyewitness Reporting Studio; Marina Elbakidze – Project Coordinator, Caucasus Institute for Peace, Democracy and Development (CIPDD); Liana Kvarchelia – Deputy Director, Centre for Humanitarian Programmes, and Rachel Clogg – Caucasus Programme Director, Conciliation Resources

02/02/2012: Inter-ethnic tensions and xenophobia in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus: Andre Kamenshikov – Programme Manager – Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States, Nonviolence International; and Regional Coordinator – Eastern Europe Network, Global Partnership for the Prevention of Conflict


19/01/2012: The Logical Framework Analysis method applied to Resolution 1325 in Afghanistan: Joan Ferrier – Director, E-Quality; and Diederik Stolk – Project Manager, Pax Ludens Foundation

18/01/2012: Prevention of Genocide and Mass Atrocities: Dr Georgy Tatar – Chair of the Board of Trustees, Foundation for the International Prevention of Genocide and Mass Atrocities

12/01/2012: Traditional justice mechanisms in Pakistan: Chamila Hemmathagama – Team Leader, Asia, Saferworld; Naveed Ahmad Shinwari – Chief Executive, Community Appraisal & Motivation Programme (CAMP); and Neha Ali Gauhar – Research and Campaign Officer, CAMP

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