EU-Africa Relations

EPLO’s Working Group on EU-Africa Relations monitors EU policy developments related to peacebuilding and conflict prevention in Africa.

EPLO’s Working Group on EU-Africa also provides input to the Peace and Security Partnership of the Joint Africa-EU Strategy (JAES).

For more information on the Working Group on EU-Africa Relations, please contact Lorenzo Angelini.

Recent Publications

Reports of CSDN Geographic Meetings

  • Conflict Dynamics and Peace Drivers in the Horn of Africa in the context of the Covid-19 crisis: Gathering civil society input (June 2020, Online) – Report
  • Conflict Dynamics and Drivers of Peace in the Sahel Region: Gathering Civil Society Perspectives (March 2020, Brussels) – Report (EN) ; Report (FR)
  • Conflict Dynamics and Peace Drivers in the Lake Chad Region: Exchange of views with the EU (October 2019, Brussels) – Report (EN) ; Report (FR)
  • Conflict-sensitive engagement in Uganda: Gathering civil society perspectives (March 2018, Entebbe) – Report
  • Civil society perspectives on lessons learned from conflict prevention and peacebuilding approaches to addressing the root causes of (i) forced migration and (ii) violent extremism in the Horn of Africa (June 2016, Brussels) – Report
  • Guinea-Bissau: Peacebuilding responses to impunity and exclusiveness (June 2013, Brussels) – Report (EN) ; Report (PT)
  • Mise en œuvre de l’Accord-cadre pour la paix, la sécurité et la coopération pour la RDC et la région, et stratégie de l’UE : quelles actions prioritaires ? (May 2013, Brussels) – Report (FR)
  • Peacebuilding in Sudan and South Sudan: The Role of the EU (October 2011, Brussels) – Report

Other Documents