The implementation of the EU-wide Strategic Framework to Support Security Sector Reform

On 14 June 2023, EPLO held a Civil Society Dialogue Network (CSDN) Policy Meeting on “The implementation of the EU-wide Strategic Framework to Support Security Sector Reform: Gathering Civil Society Perspectives”. Afterwards, we interviewed four of the civil society participants on a number of issues related to the topic.

In this set of video interviews, the civil society experts delve into what human security means, the importance of EU support to civil society actors engaging with security and justice actors, and the need for inclusion and gender-responsiveness.

Human security & people-centred approaches

Support by the EU to civil society

Inclusivity and gender-responsiveness


MARIAMA is a 20-minute documentary. It tells the true story of Mariama Diomande, a 23 year old girl, working to build peace in her community of Yopougon in the aftermath of Côte d’Ivoire’s post-election violence in 2010.


Water, Peace and Conflict: Building Peace and Protecting the Environment

On 27 October 2022, EPLO organised a Civil Society Dialogue Network meeting entitled “Water, Peace and Conflict: Exchanging on Opportunities and Best Practices”.

Following the meeting, civil society experts were interviewed about the relationship between the climate crisis, water and conflict. In a series of interviews, the experts touched on the role of dialogue and mediation, the importance of inclusive water governance structures, and the support the EU can provide to local civil society.

Building Peace and Protecting the Environment

The Role of Dialogue and Mediation

The Importance of Inclusive Governance

EU Support to Civil Society

Youth Inclusion in Peacebuilding

Over 40% of the world’s population is below the age of 25. The voices of young people must be heard if we wish to build long-lasting peace. These two short videos tackle the topic of youth inclusion, highlighting contributions young people can make on issues like education, peacebuilding, racism, etc.

We thank the European Union (EU) for its financial support in producing these videos. The contents of these videos are the sole responsibility of the producer and can under no circumstances be regarded as reflecting the position of the EU.

Hear the Youth

Youth Build Peace

Rooting Peace in Human Rights

Thursday December 10th was the International Day for Human Rights. To mark the occasion, EPLO released a series of interviews of women protecting and promoting human rights and justice in their communities, to achieve sustainable peace.

These videos were made possible in collaboration with The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation and the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict (GPPAC), who connected us with their partners.

Selma Korjenic

Hayma Alyousfi

Justine N. Kwachu Kumche

Gulnara Shahinian

Dì Mi L’amore

The song “Di Mi l’Amore” and accompanying sand art video was produced by Petru Canon, a Corsican singer, songwriter and poet, Britt Hewitt, a New York-based singer and songwriter and graduate of The Juilliard School, and Belgian sand artist Colette Dedyn.

The production process was part of The Peace Studio’s “100 Offerings of Peace” campaign, which commissioned creatives to generate peace offerings (new works of art) in response to the isolating COVID-19 pandemic and the impassioned protests over centuries old racial injustices happening in the streets. Read more here.

Guest writer Sarah Luft published an article about the song and the collaboration behind it. Her reflections have also been translated into French.

Watch the sand art video

Watch the Premiere

You Can Build Peace

You can make a difference. You do have power. You also shape the future. You can build peace.

Conflict and Peace in the Sahel Region

In March 2020, EPLO organised a CSDN Geographic Meeting on the conflict dynamics and drivers of peace in the Sahel region. This video is the result of interviews which were made during the meeting, and is intended to highlight the key points and recommendations made by civil society experts during the discussions.

English version

Support local civil society

Meet basic needs more effectively

Promote and foster dialogue

Version française

Soutenir la société civile locale

Répondre aux besoins de base

Encourager et faciliter le dialogue


These are the stories of local peacebuilders, who inspire their communities to strive for a more peaceful and better world.

Betty Adera

Pascal Kipkemboi

Paul Mutuku

Mahmoud Qeshreh


Climate change is predicted to increase conflict in the coming decades. In some parts of the world, this is already the case. Yet in Marsabit, Northern Kenya, young women and men, mothers and elders from different communities, are refusing to let the harsh climate conditions determine their fate.

This film looks at the human resilience that emerges in the search of solutions.

Full documentary



Women Mediators: Moving beyond Stereotypes

This video, featuring the incredible work done by women mediators across the world and the challenges they face, has been produced in the framework of the Civil Society Dialogue Network Policy Meeting ‘EU Support to Women Mediators: Moving beyond Stereotypes’ (March 2019, Brussels).

More information on the meeting here.

Full video


Interview with Betty Bigombe

Interview with Sara Cook

Interview with Yodit Lemma

Interview with Diana Protsenko

Interview with Ghalia Sassi

Interview with Fatma Sheneib

Interview with Inna Tereshchenko

Interview with Jurma Tikmasan

The Civil Society Dialogue Network

The Civil Society Dialogue Network (CSDN) is a mechanism for dialogue between civil society and EU policy-makers on peace and conflict. The CSDN was established in 2010 and the fourth phase (CSDN IV) began in 2020 and will last until 2023.

More information here.

What is the CSDN?

Qu’est ce que le CSDN?

Interviews with EPLO Member Organisations’ Directors

Hans Joachim Giessman (Berghof Foundation)
Tuija Talvitie (Crisis Management Initiative)
Harriet Lamb (International Alert)

Other videos

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The European Union as a Global Peace Actor

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