Brown Bag Lunch Events 2021


09/12/2021: Second Karabakh War: One Year On – Gendered Elements of Rehabilitation and Recovery (Ekaterine Gamakharia, Sukhumi Fund, Pervana Mammadova, and Knarik Mkrtchyan, Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation)


25/11/2021: Working with the cultural heritage of conflict for peacebuilding: Lessons learned from the Western Balkans (Dr Stefanie Kappler, Durham University, and Dr Johanna Mannergren Selimovic, Swedish Institute of International Affairs)

10/11/2021: Rebalancing the power dynamics between civil society and policy-makers in Europe (Kristina Lunz and Damjan Denkovski, Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy)


27/10/2021: How to prevent and mitigate hate and misinformation online? (Mina Dennert, I Am Here International)


14/09/2021: Conflict Prevention and Global Megatrends: Preparing for a hotter, increasingly digital and fragmented 2030 (Katariina Mustasilda, Finnish Institute of International Affairs)

07/09/2021: EU National Action Plans for Women, Peace and Security – Emphasizing Civil Society Engagement and Regional Collaboration? (Amy Herr, University of Bradford)


08/07/2021: Monitoring, Evaluation and Evidence in Transitional Justice Processes (Marianne Akumu and Mateo Porciuncula, International Center for Transitional Justice, Stephan Parmantier, Leuven Institute of Criminology, and Devota Nuwe, Refugee Project)


23/06/2021: Seizing the Moment and Pursuing Systems Change for Locally-led Peacebuilding (Mie Roesdahl, Conducive Space for Peace, and Miriam Brandner, Robert Bosch Stiftung)

08/06/2021: COVID-19 and conflict: New evidence of dynamics in Afghanistan, Nigeria and Colombia (Gabrielle Aron and Tog Gang, Mercy Corps)


27/05/2021: The Principles for Peace Initiative (Hiba Qasas, Principle for Peace Secretariat)

04/05/2021: Maximising the role of business in fragile and conflict-affected environments: Women’s contributions to peace (Christina Bache, LSE Ideas)


12/04/2021: Creating Clarity in Conflict? Integrating Organisational Development into the Peacebuilding World (Torge Kuebler, and Carole Frampton, PeaceNexus)


10/02/2021: Working in the Pandemic: Lessons learned from an online dialogue programme on the Women, Peace and Security agenda (Bernardo Monzani, Agency for Peacebuilding)

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