Strengthening Early Warning and Mobilising Early Action

The project ‘Strengthening Early Warning and Mobilising Early Action‘ aims to contribute to the establishment, development and reinforcement of early warning mechanisms and increase opportunities for civil society to influence responses to conflict in a timely manner. In particular, through the provision of expert field-based conflict analysis, it aims to identify options for early action to allow the European Union (EU), its Member States and other regional and international actors the EU supports, to anticipate and respond to the risks of outbreak or recurrence of conflict in fragile countries.

This three-year project started in July 2013. It is co-financed by the European Union (EU) under the Instrument contributing to Stability and Peace (IcSP) and managed by the International Crisis Group and EPLO.

For more information about this project, please contact the EPLO office.



Concluding Event: Strengthening Early Warning, Mobilising Early Action (June 2016, Brussels)

Round-table – Post-Soviet Islamic Radicalisation and Jihadism in North Caucasus and Kyrgyzstan (May 2016, Brussels)

Advocacy Meeting – Conflict Prevention and Resolution in Latin America: Risks and Opportunities (March 2016, Bogotá)

This event focused on regional challenges and opportunities to prevent recurrent crises and violent conflict in Latin America. Over 50 representatives of Latin American and international civil society organisations, EU and Member States officials and international organisations participated in the event, and discussed the role of civil society and other regional and international actors in supporting conflict prevention in the region.

A short video featuring civil society experts participating in this seminar is available here.
The meeting report is available here: English Spanish

Round-table – Conflict Risks and Electoral Tension in the Democratic Republic of Congo (February 2016, Brussels)


Early Warning Watch List Briefing – Conflicts to Watch in 2016 (December 2015, Brussels)

The Watch List can be downloaded from Crisis Group’s dedicated webpage, or by clicking on this link.

EU Briefing 2015 (October 2015, Brussels)

Round-table – Mitigating electoral tension in Guinea (July 2015, Brussels)

Early Warning Watch List Briefing – Conflicts to Watch in 2015 (June 2015, Brussels)

Advocacy Meeting – Elections in Africa: How Can They Contribute to Peace and Security? (May 2015, Nairobi)

Round-table – What kind of Peace for Sri Lanka? (February 2015, Brussels)


EU Watch List Briefing – Conflicts to Watch in 2015 (December 2014, Brussels)

EU Briefing 2014 (October 2014, Brussels)

Round-table – Whither South Sudan? (September 2014, Brussels)

Watch List Briefing Conflicts to Watch in 2014 (June 2014, Brussels)

Round-table – Curbing Violence in Nigeria: The Boko Haram Insurgency (May 2014, Brussels)

Round-table – Afghanistan: Looking ahead (February 2014, Brussels)


Watch List Briefing Conflicts to Watch in 2014 (December 2013, Brussels)

Round-table – Decentralisation, representation and violence in Mali and Niger (November 2013, Brussels)

EU Briefing 2013 (October 2013, Brussels)