Latest Past Events

EPLO Member Organisation Event: Growing Violence, Dwindling Aid: Rohingya Crisis at an Inflection Point

More than six years after more than 700,000 Rohingya fled Myanmar’s Rakhine State to Bangladesh, the now protracted crisis has reached an important inflection point. Conditions in the world’s largest refugee camp are worsening, with a spike in killings, crime and a four-fold rise in abductions compounded by dwindling humanitarian assistance. Many refugees have little […]

EPLO Member Organisation Event – National Dialogues at crossroads

In the Berghof Foundation's event to launch the paper on “National Dialogues x Digitalisation” it will explore how digitalisation shapes National Dialogues and to what extent National Dialogues may contribute to shaping digitalisation. National Dialogues are nationally owned political processes aimed at generating consensus among a broad range of national stakeholders in times of deep […]