Latest Past Events

EPLO Member Organisation Event: “Munich Security Conference Breakfast Discussion”

In partnership with ICAN and DGAP, CFFP's Munich Security Conference Side Event will be hosted at the BMW Pavillon on Sunday 19th February, from 7.30 to 9 am. In his speech on February 24th, Russian President Vladimir Putin justified his war in Ukraine by citing the West's attempt to undermine Russia's "traditional values". This justification […]

EPLO Brown Bag Lunch Event – An alternative security framework


Security discourses have traditionally been linked to the defence of the integrity and political stability of states. However, in recent decades, critical approaches have located the roots of insecurity in other issues – the unequal distribution of resources, discrimination based on sex or race, climate change, etc. Moreover, the traditional understandings of the discipline are […]

EPLO Member Organisation – “Oslo Forum retreat on Latin America and the Caribbean”

More than 50 international mediation experts, government officials and conflict actors are in Mexico this week to explore how to support and advance peace initiatives in the region. The first Oslo Forum retreat on Latin America and the Caribbean, the two-day gathering offers a discreet and informal setting for key regional actors to discuss current […]